WWW – Words, Wood, World
These three Ws are my core. I breathe words, love experimenting with wood working (dreaming of building a guitar one day – serious luthier stuff), exploring the world – physically wandering around it, and also reading more about the different cultures, history, global habits (and the habitudes that shaped them).

Pause for Positivity

I first started this blog to pen my thoughts, but over time, it took the shape of ideas, thoughts and stories that leave one with the feelings of well-being, inspiration, and motivation. A place where you and I can meet, virtually of course, and pause for a few moments of peace and solitude, maybe over a cup of soothing tea and a slice of warm, freshly baked (or microwaved) cake, and enjoy some light-hearted moments, a little bit of shared laughter, a few smiles, and enthusiastic nodding heads.

Words, the wonderful

Words are too often undermined. The use of each word, its placement in the string we call a sentence, the other words around it… words words words. They play a huge role on our minds, on our society, on our very existence!

To illustrate, “close your eyes and don’t see a red faced monkey!” There! You did it. You just saw a red-faced monkey. Admit it. Even if for a brief fleeting moment, you did see a red-faced monkey before your brain shifted into gear and showed you something else. Why did this happen? Because my words “red-faced monkey” showed you exactly what you were not supposed to see.

So you see, words wield an unfathomable power. I endevour to ‘show’ instead of ‘tell’ you these stories. It is an endeavour to understand and harness this power, to show (and see) a good dream, a good thought, trusting it is read with as much love and thought.