About me

WWW: Writer, Wood Worker, Wanderer

Close your eyes and don’t see a red-faced monkey!

There, you just saw a red-faced monkey! The unconscious mind cannot process negative commands – scientific fact. Let’s send positive commands! Let’s weild the power of words!

My stories come from my experiences all over the world. I worked in IT Sales and Marketing in India and Sweden before quitting the job to focus on my family and my newborn. I taught business english to some high ranking corporates who spoke only Japanese in Japan! I taught French in my alma mater in India.

A casual conversation about ancient wisdom birthed the idea of sustainability, penning into my first book, “City Cousins Visit the Village.” I moved to the USA, where my second book “The Mystery of Mia,” was published, and set up “Arts by Ira,” a shop that brought beautiful artifacts from artisans from underdeveloped countries to those that would treasure them.

I now teach, write short stories and occassionally wood wor. My wood projects are posted on my instagram handle: wonderoflumber. I briefly volunteered in the Toy Group at the Wood Workers Guild of Alabama, to help make toys for the patients in several hospitals in and around Alabama, including the Children’s of Alabama.

Feel free to browse around my website, using the menu option to access pages. I hope you enjoy reading the stories as much as I enjoy writing them! Happy reading!!