Bed time story

“I want to build a bed.” My first sentence uttered over my first cup of my favorite strong black coffee brewed by my favorite man.

बाप तो बाप होता है

किसिका बाप अंबानी, बच्चन, धोनी, गेट्स होता है, किसिका डॉक्टर, फ़ौजी, कुली, माली होता है,चाहे जो भी काम करे, या ना करे, बाप तो बाप ही होता है! चोट लगने पर बच्चा माँ से बिलगता है, लेकिन चोट देने वाले से बाप ही निपटता है,चाहे किसिको डराना हो, या छोटासा ख़टमल भगाना हो, ये दोनोContinue reading “बाप तो बाप होता है”

माय माझी माती

मायेची ममता जणू दुधवरची साय,माय माझी माती माझी माती माझी मायतुला कामाची गा दगदगमागे वळून जरा बघमागे आहे तुझ बाळबांधली तुझ्याशी नाळपहाटे तू उठूनीस्वयंपाक पाणी आवरोनी,कचेरि जेव्हा निघती,कंठ दाटूनी तो येती,बाळ जेव्हा धडपडतीरडत तुला बीलगती,तुझ्या कवेतच त्याला, औषध मलम मिळती,तुझ्या कुशीची ग़ ऊबआहे बहुतच खूब,वर पदराची भर,असे मायेची लहर,कारण… माय माझी माती माझी माती माझीContinue reading “माय माझी माती”

AT: The AquaTerrestrial

The sci-fi shows, UFO news, and alien invasions all hid what matters the most…Humans are the alien species on Earth! This (science) fictional story takes you through what happens when we humans finally come face to face with the original earthlings!

Village Vibes

Cutey, my dog, gave us a big fright when she bolted after two deer that were passing behind our home. While she has pulled similar stunts before, (and knowing her, will most likely continue to do so) those have been limited to chasing squirrels and cats. Once the squirrels climb up a tree, Cutey triesContinue reading “Village Vibes”

Black Gold

Gardening can be as easy as breathing, and as cheap as air, if you just know how! Read the story to know how I fell in love with this art, and also get some tips and tricks from Vijaya, my Green Goddess, who coax even a rock to bloom into a tree.

The aam Aam Panna

A few days ago, I was at the Indian store to refill my stock of masalas (spices) and chai (tea), when my gaze landed on a basket of mangoes sitting innocently on one of the counters. I froze. Literally. Froze. And then it hit me hard. The calendar is on May. MAY!! For most desisContinue reading “The aam Aam Panna”

The Inky Path

We all know that Pen is mightier than the sword. However, did you know that, not all pens are equal! The ink pen, a.k.a fountain pen, is undoubtedly, the mightiest! Social media has a funny way of taking you down the memory lane. Just yesterday, in one of the groups I follow, someone posted an imageContinue reading “The Inky Path”