Fitness – the category 5 storm

“Honey, do I look fat in this dress?” An automatic shake of the partner’s head, eyes glued to the phone. Fast-forward three months, and this question has sort of changed in shape and form to, “does this dress show off my arms and my almost flat belly?” The partner’s head has now learnt to nodContinue reading “Fitness – the category 5 storm”

Rapunzel of the 21st century

Hello there. I am Rapunzel… you don’t believe me? I really am – Rapunzel of the 21st century. Though I don’t have a wicked witch keeping me locked in a tower, I do have the society and expectations of the various ‘well-intentioned’ aunties and uncles who keep me locked in the tower of society’s dynamicContinue reading “Rapunzel of the 21st century”